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The wellbeing of your collegues is proven to have a direct impact on the productivity of your business. We appreciate the importance of building a strong reputation for your company; recruiting the best possible talent into your business will impact on your success.


Using our expertise within the catering trade, we will provide a dining experience that will leave your workforce feeling content and rejuvenated, with a fresh mind to continue their days work. Our restaurants and canteens also provide an informal meeting point for colleagues in a relaxed

friendly environment.


We can work with our customers to provide and manage the best facilities on your behalf, these include coffee bars, restaurants and traditional canteens.

Food-Inc takes the responsibility of providing quality food very seriously. We purchase our fresh foods from only local nominated farmers and suppliers.  Fresh food in season offers great taste and good value for money. Working closely with local producers helps guarantee we have access to the best possible raw ingredients, whilst supporting the local community. Chris and James have been working with food producers for over 20 years, and understand working closely with people in the food chain is vital in delivering great food!

"A new recipe in Contract Catering"

Sustainable Sourcing

Tanners Academy


Environmental issues impact on;

Customers, Staff, Community


Catering Services consume energy and produce waste; Food-Inc activity look to reduce waste and energy consumption with initiatives like;



Local Purchasing (Reducing Food Miles)

Use your own (Loyalty scheme)

Recyclable packaging

Training and development is paramount to Food-Inc. We believe in the devlopment and training of our staff, ensuring our next generation of cooks spend time in the Tanner brother's kitchens; alongside local visits to artisan producers and suppliers who strongly believe in the ethos of good food.

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